I just moved to Florida. How do I get my Florida license and get my vehicle registered?

Florida grants reciprocation with all states, meaning that someone with a valid license from another state in the United States will not need to take a written test, vision test nor a driving skills test in order to obtain a Florida license. To obtain a Florida license, you will need your valid license and you will need to visit the DMV, complete appropriate forms and pay appropriate fees.

If you do not have a valid license, then you will need to apply for your first-time Florida license. To receive your first-time Florida license, you will need to pass the vision test, written test and driving skills test. To view all identification requirements, visit the GatherGoGet web site (http://www.gathergoget.com).

Once you move to Florida, you have 10 days to register your vehicle. A registration provides evidence of having paid the registration tax and fees on a motor vehicle. It consists of a metal license plate, a validation decal, and a registration certificate. If you are late registering your vehicle, a late fee will be applied.

If registering a vehicle in person, then proof of Florida insurance and the original title,
verification of physical inspection of the motor vehicle’s *vehicle identification number (VIN), completed on a form HSMV 82040, and an Application for Certificate of Title With/Without Registration
must be submitted to the local county tax collector or license plate agency. Applicable office locations can be found at http://www.flhsmv.gov/offices/

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