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Key Tactics To Obtaining Your Georgia CDL Class A License

by Joshua on Dec 05, 2014.
Filed under: Georgia
Although the life of a truck driver requires substantial time on the road and away from home, the benefits of the career can prove to be lucrative. Majority of individuals that choose a career in truck driver reap the benefit of good pay with the addition of bonuses. Starting out as a driver you can make close to $40,000 and the top 10% can make close to $60,000. Being a truck driver also provides flexibility in the driver’s schedule. Although traveling a lot of time, drivers are able to dete... Read More

Leaving Out A Question on a Driver's Permit Test

by Joshua on Dec 03, 2014.
Filed under: Learner's Permit
Taking tests for anything is already a nerve racking thing. Going to test for a driver's permit just multiplies that feeling exponentially, since driving is such a privilege. The best way to handle this nervousness and excitement is to be prepared. To do this, you should know what's on the "permit test": and how to strategize for it to maximize your opportunity to pass it. Besides this information, you can pick up a driver's handbook from y... Read More

New York State's Child And Infant Restraint law

by Joshua on Dec 02, 2014.
Filed under: New York
New York State's Child Restraint law mandates that all children under the age of eight must be restrained in an appropriate restraint system while riding a motor vehicle. h3. Basic Regulations The law requires restraining children younger than four-years-old with an approved car seat when in a vehicle. However, if a child younger than four that weighs more than forty lbs, then the child could possibly switch to a booster seat instead. When restraining children between the ages of fo... Read More