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The Passenger Endorsement: How to Drive Passengers with Your CDL

by Joshua on Jan 15, 2014.
Filed under: Commercial Driver's Licence
If you are looking to drive vehicles with the means of transporting fifteen passengers or more, then you will need to obtain a "Commercial Drivers License (CDL)": at a registered DMV centre. The DMV operates and standardises all driving tests to ensure that everyone on the road is a safe driver with equal skills. Those who are already in possession of a CDL may submit to have the Passenger (P) endorsement added to their license. h3. What is the Co... Read More

Why Is A Motorcycle License Necessary?

by Joshua on Jan 13, 2014.
Filed under: Motorcycle
You may think that to operate a motorcycle you do not or should not need a license but this is completely false. Although many countries permit you to operate a two wheeled or three wheeled motorcycle without a license in the United States you must have one in all states. A Motorcycle or Class M license is different than your typical driver's license as it can be classified as a commercial driver's license. The operation of a two or three wheeled vehicle can vary greatly than a normal motor v... Read More

DMV law changes For 2014

by Joshua on Jan 09, 2014.
Filed under: Driver's License, Learner's Permit, Motorcycle
From New Year’s resolutions to new adventures, the turning of the year is a time of change for everyone. Like individuals, policies change also. This year make yourself familiar with some changes that will affect DMV laws which govern licensing of drivers by reviewing the information at "": Yearly DMV law changes often get overlooked, because they are not highly publicized and at the first of the year many minds are on a million other thing... Read More