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Do We All Need a Helicopter Mom?

by Lisa on Jul 19, 2015.
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Helicopter Moms hover around their children to make sure they are safe and making good choices. More and more, our government and even private corporations are taking steps to hover and ensure we the people, or “the children” in this scenario, are making good choices. Laws have traditionally been the “hovering device” of choice, but recently, technology is making a strong debut in creating solid hovering capabilities. Some of these changes are probably for the best, but in America, where... Read More

Is Technology an Evil Villain or Hero for Drivers?

by Lisa on Jan 30, 2015.
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Distracted driving has become public enemy number one. Most states have now approved legislation to limit use of cell phones. But, while cell phones may have brought the issue of distracted driving to the forefront, it’s hardly the only culprit. h3. What is Distracted Driving? For years and years, the driver’s manuals published by state DMV’s referred to distracted driving as not paying attention to the road. Situations referenced included changing the radio station, listening to mus... Read More