Latest Driving & DMV Information Nov 2015

Thanksgiving Traffic Report: Top Forecasts Around the U.S.

by Lisa on Nov 24, 2015.
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Thanksgiving 2015 is upon us. If you are like an estimated 42 million Americans this year, you’ll be traveling in a car at some point over the long holiday weekend. "AAA forecast": predicts more drivers and lower gas prices than in recent past years. This year, low gas prices mean even more will be traveling. All forecasts are for heavier traffic and longer driving times. Biggest time-saving recommendation: If you can avoid driv... Read More

Top Five Road Dangers Driving Changes to Policy and Rules of the Road

by Lisa on Nov 21, 2015.
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States are continually updating the rules of the road, all in a continual effort to make the roads safer. In many cases, senseless deaths drive lawmakers to improve existing laws or stiffen penalties. Here are a handful of road rules that are regularly being updated, and some of the cases that have led to increased awareness of danger. h4. Texting & Cell Phone Use Distracted driving used to refer to talking to passengers, playing with the radio or eating in the car. With the adve... Read More

Top 10 Things to Know Before Taking the DMV Test

by Lisa on Nov 12, 2015.
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The folks at the DMV aren’t developing tests to try and make people fail. In some states, like Florida and California, officials are actually under pressure to increase the pass rate. But, no one wants to increase the pass rate by just making the test easier. The DMV written test is meant to test one’s knowledge of the rules of the road to ensure our roads are as safe as possible. If drivers get on the road and don’t know the rules of the road, our roads won’t be safe. It’s a pretty... Read More

Find the Best Learning Style for You

by Lisa on Nov 06, 2015.
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Did you know there are three learning styles? Studying in a way that works best for your individual learning style will help you to learn most effectively and efficiently. The three main learning styles are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Read the below style descriptions. Chances are, you’ll find yourself saying “oh, yeah, that’s me!” to the one that fits you most. Style Descriptions The "Bepko Learning Center from Indiana University and Purdue University":http://blc.uc.iupu... Read More